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Hello all of ya deviants:wave: revamp furious wave I am here :wave: hai there Steoh wave :happywave: Tard Waving. :waving: :badteethwave: :waving: emoticon  (well i don't really know how to start this , but here it goes :bademoticon: )
My name is Ana and i come from     SloveniaFlag of Slovenia :chairdance:
I love musicllama cancan llama cancan llama cancan llama cancan llama cancan llama cancan Music emoticon Jammin' :musicnote: Air Guitar Hero Piano :la: Oops i'm sory that's overreacting
I love to singSinging Tard and i play an instrument too:clarinet: A clarinet, but i really wanna play aGuitar Player revamp
I play clarinet about 6 yrs now Cheerleader Cheer Sephy for NoBuddy-Else Cheerleader :bademoticon: Cheerleader Cheer Sephy for NoBuddy-Else :bademoticon:
I am a big fan of Sonic and anime stuff and cartoons like:rosario Vampire icon ,Les Diaboliques ,Fluttershy Filly :pinkiepie: :rainbowdash: Applejack Twilicorn Princess Celestia Icon Profile ,Albanewgif ,sonic avie ,Super Mario Emoticon ,Perry Gif ,Ichigo Momomiya Chibi ,Konata Izumi Chibi :pika-CHUUU: .... and on and on

My favourite singers
Ok, Gaga Put a ring on Specz Put a ring on Ely Put a ring on Sini Put a ring on Marc (Beyonce XD)E.T. 4 , Madonna , Nicki minaj, RihannA, Pink, Kesha and on and on :D

I'm a my sonamy kiss gif  fan and also a bit of Shadamy avatar THEYre DANCING , :tailsflys: ME ,CREAM ,Knuckles run and rouge, Silver Telekinesis Emoticon Blaze Emoticon ,icon shadowXmariaand i like this couple together, too :) i likescourge dance  and rosy together :D
but i hate sally acorn ( i hate them by my own reasons so please if ya wanna know just ask :)),  for fans of fiona the fox , chris torndyke ( did i even spell it right??? XD)The Annoying Orange laughing
My favourite sonic character is -icon- Amy chibi Amy spin spin WTF Crazy amy with hammer Little Amy Rose Amy sitting stop it Super Amy Transformationamy avie Amy spin spin WTF Crazy amy with hammer
I like sonic riders:Jet-La: :Wave-La: :Storm-La: , sonic unleashedsonic forms combohog run ,POCKY

:FeelingFree: :FeelingFree: :FeelingFree: :FeelingFree: :FeelingFree: :FeelingFree: :FeelingFree: :FeelingFree: :FeelingFree: :FeelingFree: :FeelingFree: :FeelingFree: :FeelingFree: :FeelingFree: :FeelingFree: :FeelingFree: :FeelingFree: :FeelingFree: :FeelingFree: :FeelingFree: :FeelingFree:

Ok let's start a new theme... what do i like ??? Number 1 Introduction
I like....animals like Chinese Zodiac: Dog emote Cat blob Ridin' Mah Horse Cute Bunnie :snakeglomp: Chinese Zodiac: Tiger emote Chinese Zodiac: Rat emote Happeh Dolphin :spikey: Eek--A Spider Perry Gif Kiwi - the BIRD Penguin Waddle Emote butterfly rvmp well all of them
I love foood who doesn't ??? Candy
i LOVE Cupcake Let them jump out of cake Cuddles: Apple Tree Eating collection . Eating Collection.4 :cookie: mmm pizza making daedly pancaeks fruit love: strawberry The Annoying Orange laughing FREE Cherry Twin Avatar...x Have your cake and eat it too Happymallow Candy

My favourite MLP character isPrincess Luna Emote :bademoticon: :pinkiepie: and:bademoticon:

My favourite rosario vampire character is ::vampire  girl - Moka akashiya cuz she is sooo cute
i loveButterCup Chibi  the most from PPG
And from pswg my favourite is stocking :D

Okay i think that's enough , so ill have to say Good ByeSniff Sniff Sniff :sniff: rvmp :sniff: rvmp :sniff: rvmp :bademoticon: Onion Head--Keep Outta Drugs whyyyyyyyy :HugTrain: :HugTrain: :HugTrain: :HugTrain: :HugTrain:
Well i guess this is Goodbye ... sorry for my english and overreacting

BTW: Soon i willl be writing a story about Amy Rose as i promised - soon as i can ;DEmotes coming soon... My Icon - Second Animation loves ya lill monstersBye Grey Kit Emoticon-Bye Grey Kit-Bye -friendly :jumpingbye: :bademoticon: Hugs for evreyoneHug Hug Hug Hug :hug 5 seconds hug :hug: :hug 5 seconds hug :hug: :hug 5 seconds hug :hug: moomin-hug :slipperyhug: :slipperyhug: :slipperyhug: :slipperyhug: cake love Double Grope Cuddling Practice :hugplz: :hug: :rubble: hugging heart


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